Q: what actually do you sell and what will i get if i buy from you?
A: we are reselling new (unused) genuine kaspersky activation code only, the free trial version installer can be downloaded here (KAV2017) and here (KIS2017). this activation code (not key file) will be sent to your email and will be used to activating your kaspersky products online directly to the kaspersky server. it can be use for full 355 days (1 year) after activated. we are not selling any crack or patch or used key to you. all activation is made by yourself directly to the kaspersky server! it is exactly the same method if you buy it online from the kaspersky website (download the trial program yourself, receive activation code via email then activate it online yourself).

why do you selling so cheap from the standard retail price?
A: this software is purchased by wholesale from official providers, whose wholesaling prices are considerably lower. as we do the minimal price markup free of packing, recording, transportation expenses, our price is lower than the retail price of official providers. we are a genuine product reseller and we will not reselling fake or non-genuine product.

can i use it in my office?
A: no, this is end user product (not retail product) and can be use for personal or home user only. if the BSA (business software alliance) come to your office, you will need to show them the 'kaspersky retail box' because business office must use the standard retail box version of kaspersky product. if you intend to use it for your own personal or home use then it is okay and legal worldwide.

when will i get my kaspersky activation code after i have made my payment?
A: we will send it within 24 hours, it is because we receive so much order everyday. plus, we are not awake 24 hours, we need to check and verify your payment first. after that, we need to record the payment reference number. when we finished doing that, we will send it to your email. if the product is out of stocks etc within 24 hours after the order been made, we will pay back FULL 100% REFUND to you.

Q: is this genuine activation code compatible with other kaspersky version and can be activated everywhere?
A: it is compatible with kaspersky version 2015, 2016 & 2017 (in case you have a very slow PC that supported kaspersky 2016 / 2017 only. otherwise, just activate it on kaspersky v2017 for maximum protection). this genuine activation code is an international code, so it can be activated everywhere worldwide (united states, europe, asia, malaysia & all country).


- Microsoft Windows XP Home / Professional (32/64 bit) with SP2 or higher. Processor 800 MHz and 512MB RAM.- Microsoft Windows Vista any edition (32/64 Bit). Processor 1 GHz or higher and 1GB RAM or higher.- Microsoft Windows 7 any edition (32/64 Bit). Processor 1 GHz or higher and 1GB RAM or higher.
- About 480 MB free space on the hard drive.
- Internet connection for product activation.
- Microsoft Windows Installer 2.0.
HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS FOR NETBOOKS:- CPU: Intel Atom 1.33Mhz (Z520) or higher with 1GB DDR2 RAM or higher.
- Video Card: Intel GMA950 64 MB or higher with screen size 10.1" or higher.
- OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition with SP2 or higher, Microsoft Windows Vista or Microsoft Windows 7.